Production of highly enriched isotope Carbon-13 by laser separation

Laser technology

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JSC "SRC RF TRINITI" has a laser separation technology of carbon isotopes.

Diagnostics and treatment methods using stable isotopes are becoming more and more widespread throughout the world. One of such methods is the diagnosis of gastroenterological diseases (e.g. H.pylori) using respiratory tests containing the 13С isotope. In addition to gastroenterology, highly enriched 13С isotope is used in such areas as:

  • Geology and Geophysics;
  • Forensic Science / Forensics;
  • Ecology;
  • Scientific research and standardization.

JSC "SRC RF TRINITI" has the facilities and equipment (laser installations) necessary for production of highly enriched 13C isotope. The institute employs highly qualified specialists who took part in the creation of the "Uglerod-1" complex (Kaliningrad), as well as experienced in commissioning and personnel training. This makes it possible to organize industrial production by a two-stage laser method, which has an advantage over traditional isotope separation methods for obtaining a highly enriched 13C isotope with a capacity of up to 30 kg per year.

The main advantages of laser production of carbon-13 by JSC "SRC RF TRINITI" in comparison with other methods:

1 час
1 hour
The process stabilization occurs instantly (getting the product in an hour after the start of the installation)
Выбор продукта
Product selection
Possibility of choosing the final product - CO or CO2, depending on the customer's requirements.
Clean and eco-friendly product (no harmful waste).

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