New generation ozonation devices

Ozone technology

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The device for the production of concentrated ozone is an apparatus equipped with a chilled capillary discharge chamber. Designed to produce ozone with a concentration of up to 0.5 g/m3, which is at least 2 times higher than produced by most of its world analogues.

Depending on the field of application, the device may be equipped with additional modules.

  • Module for the production of pure ozone;
  • Deep oxidation module;
  • Ozone production module from air for high humidity and low temperature applications;
  • Mobile modules for the accumulation and distribution of ozone.

The main advantages of the device:

  • The dimensions of the ozonizer are 10 times smaller than their analogues;
  • The concentration of the produced ozone is 2 times higher;
  • Mobility and ease of installation;
  • The device allows to reduce the cost of ozonation by 2 times, and by 3-4 times - the cost of electricity.

Ozonizer Specifications:

  • Nominal ozone capacity - 65 g/h
  • Nominal outlet ozone concentration - 0.5 g/m3
  • Average air consumption - 300 m3/h
  • Working gas - Room air
  • Power consumption - 2 kW/h
  • Chilling - Air
  • Ozone capacity control - 0-100%
  • Supply voltage from the network 50Hz - 220 V
  • Dimensions - 350x450x200 mm
  • Weight - 15 kg
  • Sterilization of medical instruments - Possible
  • Possibility of sterilization of premises - Possible
  • Outpatient use - Possible
  • Sterilization of medical personnel workplaces - Possible
  • Mobility - Mobile complex

Areas of use:

Medical institutions
Medical industry
Technology of medical sterilization and disinfection of both premises and equipment, instruments and workwear
Oil industry
Oil industry
Wastewater treatment technology
Sewerage complexes
Sewerage complexes
Technology of deep oxidation with ozone of organic complexes in domestic sewage
Nuclear power plants
Deactivation of decommissioned NPP equipment
Sterilization and disinfection of large transport hubs and metro
Disintegration of tires
Disintegration of tires
Ozone-mechanical technology disintegration car tires
Pre-sowing fumigation, sterilization and seed protection technologies
Leaching of sulphide ores

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