Physics of the extreme state of matter

Within the framework of this direction, the following are carried out:

  • Calculations of kinetic rate constants of chemical reactions in extreme conditions
  • Work on obtaining new data on dynamic processes in gases and solids at high energy densities for the development of technologies in the nuclear power industry and for the prevention of emergency situations
  • Work to improve the hydrogen explosion safety of nuclear power facilities
  • Development of the theory of processes in the plasma of humid air formed as a result of the decay of elements of spent nuclear fuel and during an emergency release of nuclear fuel
  • Investigation of the interaction of intense laser radiation with matter
  • Studies of the interaction of high-energy particles with matter
  • Research of physical processes in low-temperature plasma
  • Studies of the states of matter in extreme conditions of high temperatures and pressures

Subdivisions working in this area: OFTP, OMOI, OFTR.

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