Physics of lasers and laser technologies

Within the framework of this direction, the following are carried out:

  • Research of physical processes and phenomena in lasers and laser systems.
  • Design, creation and testing of lasers and laser systems for scientific research, industry and special applications.
  • Studies of interactions of laser radiation with substances in various states of aggregation for the purpose of laser thermonuclear fusion (LTS) and industrial applications.
  • Development and research of laser technologies aimed at separating isotopes, increasing microhardness, corrosion resistance and fatigue strength of structural materials and parts, decontaminating contaminated surfaces, cleaning water surfaces from contamination, dismantling nuclear reactors, ships, submarines, eliminating the consequences of accidents at oil and gas wells and other man-made accidents.

Subdivisions working in this direction: OMOI, OIPI, TsTPiVM.

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