Experimental setup

Department of Physics of Current-Carrying Plasma (OFTP)

Department of Magnetic and Optical Research (OMOI)

  • LN-20 complex:
    • MKT stand,
    • Desna stand,
    • * Puma booth.
  • Installation "2MK-200;
  • Installing KSPU;
  • Installation "Astra".

Center for Theoretical Physics and Computational Mathematics (CTFiVM)

Department of physics of tokamak reactors (OFTR)

  • Plasma neutron diagnostics stand;
  • Neutron generator NG-25M;
  • ING-07T neutron generator;
  • ING-07D neutron generator;
  • ING-31 neutron generator;
  • Positioning system;
  • Neutron activation analysis system;
  • Laser deposition stand;
  • Hard ultraviolet stand (2 UV sources);
  • Infrared laser;
  • Stand for researching the discharge of a coaxial magnetron;
  • Tokamak T-11M;
  • High-temperature vacuum furnace RD-G WEBB-117;
  • DESK V TSC tabletop vacuum sputtering machine;
  • VACION-1S high-vacuum installation for ionic crystal surface cleaning;
  • Installation of microwelding with wire and tape HB05;
  • Scanning nanohardness tester "NanoScan - Compact";
  • Spectrometer (200-1100 nm);
  • Chemical processing area.

Department of Innovative and Applied Research (OIPR)

MLKT stand:

  • Complex MLTK 2 with a coordinate table;
  • MLM complex;
  • Installation MLK-10;
  • Installation L-16;
  • Installing Locator.