Mechanical section capabilities:

Item No Type of operation Dimensions (mm) Material
1 Turning of rotating parts Diameter from 10 to 800 mm
length up to 3000 mm
Hardness up to 45HRC
2 Milling Diameter 10 to 900 mm
up to 500 mm high
Hardness up to 45HRC
3 Abrasive cutting Diameter from 4 to 60 mm Hardness up to 68HRC
4 Cutting of metal up to 12 mm thick and up to 2500 mm long Hardness up to 52HRC
5 Drilling operations Part size up to 1000x500x1000 mm Hardness up to 52HRC
6 Rolling Sheet thickness from 1 to 10 mm,
length up to 2000 mm,
diameters from 220 mm to 2500 mm
Sheet thickness from 1 to 3 mm, length up to 1000 mm, diameter
from 120 mm to 1000 mm
Hardness up to 45HRC
7 Bending of sheet With workpiece dimensions up to 2500 mm wide, up to 4.5 mm thick, bending radius 1.25 workpiece thickness Hardness up to 45HRC
8 Pipe bender Pipes with a diameter of mm with a bend radius up to mm Hardness up to 45HRC
9 Manual plasma cutting 6 to 60 mm thick Any metal
10 Laser cutting on CNC Cutting area 1500x3000 mm, up to 6 mm thick - carbon steels and 8 mm - for alloyed, stainless steels. Cutting thickness no more than 1 mm Any metal
11 Laser welding Up to 10 mm thick, surfaces of revolution: internal cavity with a diameter of 5 mm to 800 mm, a height of up to 300 mm
Outer plane with a diameter of 5 mm to 1000 mm, height up to 300 mm
Any metal
12 Assembly of metal structures of any size, incl. with the use of welding Mass up to 10t Any metal
13 Heat treatment of metals Part size up to 500x700x600 mm
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