• Laser technology

    A family of mobile laser technological complexes based on commercial ytterbium fiber lasers has been created at AO SSC RF TRINITY.

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  • Plasma technology

    X-ray apparatus with a spatial resolution of 1-2 microns and a temporal resolution of 1 ns for the study of biological objects with a user-friendly change of the emitter and the observed object.

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  • Scientific and educational laboratory

    In accordance with the priorities of the state scientific and technical policy of the Russian Federation, JSC "SSC RF TRINITY" proposes the concept of a scientific and educational Laboratory of Plasma Physics and Laser Technologies of the world scientific level.

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About the institute

The Joint Stock Company State Research Center of the Russian Federation Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Thermonuclear Research (JSC SSC RF TRINITY) is an enterprise of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.

The main activities of the Institute: scientific activities in the field of plasma physics, controlled thermonuclear fusion, laser physics and technology, physics of extreme states of matter, physics of energy conversion processes, R&D related to the implementation of the State Defense Order, development of physical models and design codes for predicting the behavior of fuel and elements of the active zones of nuclear reactors.



Unique scientific installations

Unique scientific installations designed for complex scientific research

Experimental bench base

Complex of stands, installations and equipment for conducting research in various fields

Laser cutting

Services for laser cutting of volumetric multilayer metal and combined structures


Solution of complex science-intensive engineering research problems

Pilot production

Manufacturing of parts according to drawings