«One step ahead»

Sets ambitious targets beyond demonstrated results. Learns new technologies and implements Best Practices. Works having a backlog to the future. Quickly learns and reacts to a change. Updates initial plans, works out alternatives, as necessary. Has the ear to customers and clients’ needs. Anticipates their requirements

«Responsibility for the result»

Meets deadlines. Always gets things done. Assumes personal responsibility for both achievements and failures. Admits mistakes. Doesn’t seek for excuses. Works according to high quality. Demands from the team high quality results, does not accept shallow work standards. Personally accepts challenges. Doesn’t wait for others to deal with them.


Takes weighted decision on a basis of a set of alternative options. First thinks, then acts. Maximizes results while effectively using available resources. Consistently suggests improvements and refines processes, optimizes time and budget expenditures. Highly productive. Doesn’t waste time

«One team»

Is guided by common interests of the company and industry. Finds synergies when working with other team members at his/her level. Doesn’t turn to the management for each solution. Helps colleagues solve their problems, always is part of the solution.


Respects all colleagues and subordinates regardless of their status, age and personal preferences Is thankful and acknowledges input of others. Carefully listens to colleagues and subordinates and hears what they say even when opinions are different. Controls negative emotions and sustains respectfulness and common sense under pressure and stress. Respects corporate and industry's history and traditions.


Sets a good example in following safety and security requirements: occupational, environmental, information, financial, and reputational. Considers safety and security as one of the key priorities in daily work. Prevents and suppresses safety and security breaches.

The values of JSC "SRC RF TRINITI" correspond to the values of the State Corporation «Rosatom» and are focused on fulfilling the mission and ensuring sustainable development.