Personnel training

General Provisions

In the activities of JSC "SSC RF TRINITY" great attention is paid to the training of highly qualified scientific personnel. Scientists of the institute are actively involved in the educational process of the departments of the leading institutes of the country (Moscow State University, NRNU MEPhI, MIPT, etc.). The Institute is the base for three departments of NRNU MEPhI and one department of MIPT, whose students undergo pre-diploma and diploma practice in the laboratories of the Institute, equipped with modern diagnostic and measuring equipment. For the training of scientific personnel in the system of postgraduate vocational education at JSC "SSC RF TRINITY" there is:

  • Postgraduate studies.
  • Preparation of candidate dissertations in the form of competition.
  • Dissertation Council for the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations.

Postgraduate students and applicants of JSC "SSC RF TRINITY" conduct experimental, theoretical and computational research in such advanced areas of science as controlled thermonuclear fusion, high-temperature and low-temperature plasma physics, dusty plasma physics, laser physics and laser technologies, development of physical models of the behavior of nuclear reactor fuel , development of mathematical methods for modeling physical systems, and others. Research is carried out on unique physical facilities, such as one of the largest inertial fusion units in Europe and Asia, Angara-5-1, one of the three tokamaks operating in Russia - T-11M, unique plasma accelerators and laser facilities. Post-graduate students of JSC "SSC RF TRINITY" participate in all-Russian and international scientific conferences, scientific competitions, the council of young scientists and specialists of the institute, the scientific life of the science city - the city of Troitsk.

JSC "SSC RF TRINITY" has full-time (on-the-job) and correspondence postgraduate studies in the following specialties:
  • 01.04.08 - plasma physics
  • 01.04.21 - laser physics
  • 01.04.02 – theoretical physics
  • 05.13.18 – mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes
Deadline for submission of documents:
  • spring reception: from February 1 to March 1
  • autumn reception: from July 1 to September 1
Entrance exams are held:
  • spring reception: from 20 to 31 March
  • autumn reception: from 20 to 30 September
Applicants to graduate school pass competitive entrance exams:
  • philosophy
  • one of the foreign languages
  • special discipline within the scope of the current program for higher educational institutions

For graduates of the master's degree, master's examinations are taken into account as entrance examinations in a foreign language and philosophy.

An application for admission to graduate school is submitted to the director of the institute with the following documents attached:
  • questionnaire
  • copies of a state diploma of higher professional education and annexes thereto
  • list of published scientific works, if any

An identity document and a state diploma confirming graduation from a higher educational institution, applicants to postgraduate studies are presented personally.

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