Department of Physics of Current-Carrying Plasma (OFTP)

Directions of scientific research:

  • Physics of emitting Z-pinches;
  • Generation of neutrons in fast Z-pinches;
  • Interaction of X-ray radiation with matter;
  • Controlled thermonuclear fusion and Z-pinch reactor problems.
  • Research on the effect of ultra-powerful short X-ray pulses on cancerous tumors.

Experimental bench base:


Angara - 5-1 Size: 41 Kb
OFTP Size: 276 Kb


  • Compressive Plasma Physics Laboratory
  • Laboratory of high-current pulse systems
  • Laboratory of concentration of ultra-high electrical power


  Директор отделения физики токонесущей плазмы (ОФТП), кандидат технических наук