Department of Innovative and Applied Research (OIPR)

Directions of scientific research:

  • Development of a method for applying functional coatings with laser irradiation of a free jet of microparticles in a gas.
  • Development and creation of a real-time control system for the true surface temperature and its application in laser cladding of metal powder and the development of additive technologies.
  • Formation of diamond coatings in a plasma-chemical reactor with an optical discharge in the laser plasmatron mode at atmospheric pressure and in the absence of a vacuum chamber.
  • Remote laser dividing cutting of thick-walled spatial metal, reinforced concrete structures and rocks.
  • Investigation of absorption and scattering of radiation from a cw ytterbium fiber laser with λi≈1.07 μm in a flame of burning hydrocarbons and the efficiency of separation cutting.
  • Development of criteria for remote laser (λi ≈ 1.07 µm) ignition of spills of various oil and gas products under conditions of Arctic temperatures. (up to -50 ° C).
  • Development of laser technology for liquidation of emergency oil spills in the aquatic environment, coastal and coastal zones.
  • Creation of mobile laser technological complexes (MLT) for the prompt solution of various technological problems.

Experimental bench base:

MLTK stand:

  • Complex MLTK 2 with a coordinate table
  • MLM complex
  • Installation MKL-10
  • Installation L-16
  • Installing Locator


  • Laser technology laboratory
  • Laser Physics Laboratory
  • Fiber laser laboratory
  • CW laser laboratory


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