Department of Magnetic and Optical Research (OMOI)

Directions of scientific research:

  • Sources of neutron and X-ray radiation based on plasma technologies.
  • High power solid-state laser systems and their application in inertial thermonuclear fusion and technologies.
  • Development, creation and experimental research of high-power electro-initiation CO lasers.
  • Studies of the passage of laser radiation in the atmosphere.
  • Pulsed plasma accelerators and their application in research on controlled thermonuclear fusion (CTF) and technologies.

Experimental bench base:

LN-20 complex:

  • MKT stand,
  • Desna stand,
  • "Puma" stand,

  • Installation "2MK-200,
  • Installation of KSPU,
  • Installation "Astra",


  • High Power Lasers Department
    • Laboratory of continuous laser systems
    • Gas laser laboratory
  • Department of Magnetic Systems
    • Engineering support group
    • Plasma Dynamics Laboratory
    • Pulsed Plasma Processes Laboratory
    • Low Ionized Plasma Kinetics Laboratory
  • Optical Research Department
    • Laboratory of laser energy and optics
    • Laboratory of optical, gas-discharge and optoelectronic systems


  Директор отделения магнитных и оптических исследований (ОМОИ), кандидат физико-математических наук