Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion (CTF)

  • JSC "SRC RF TRINITI" is the coordinator of the technological platform "Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion and Plasma Technologies". Research is carried out at one of the largest in Europe and Asia installation "Angara-5-1", designed to solve scientific and applied problems based on the technique of generating pulses of ultrahigh electrical powers. One of the T-11M tokamaks currently operating in Russia is being used to conduct experiments in support of the Russian CTF program and the ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project.
  • Within the framework of the ITER project, the Institute is conducting research on the materials of the first wall and the divertor for the ITER International Thermonuclear Reactor using unique plasma accelerators. Develops diamond radiation detectors, works on the creation of the Center for Analysis of Materials for Radiation-Resistant Electronics, develops devices for the registration of ionizing radiation and optical research of the ITER Center.
  • The enterprise conducts experimental research on fundamental problems of laser thermonuclear fusion. Elements of large-scale laser control systems are being tested at the laser-plasma installations created by the Company. The facilities and stands of the Society are centers of cooperation for joint research carried out by both Russian and foreign scientific organizations, the results of which formed the basis for promising solutions for the creation of thermonuclear power plants with inertial and magnetic plasma confinement.
  • Among the applied developments of JSC "SRC RF TRINITI" is a fast neutron spectrometer based on an ultrapure diamond detector, which was the first in the world to measure the energy distribution spectrum and anisotropy of neutron radiation spectra of high-temperature deuterium-tritium plasma tokamak at a number of installations in Russia and abroad.

Subdivisions working in this area: OMOI, OIPI, TsTPiVM, OFTP OFTR.

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