Optical section capabilities:

Manufacturing of parts from 5 to 500 mm:

  • Optical windows
  • Lenses
  • Cylindrical optics
  • Underlays for mirrors
  • Entrance windows for latest generation night vision devices
  • Products for the space industry and science
  • Prisms
  • Custom optical elements according to customer requirements

Maximum technical capabilities for the manufacture of optical products:

Optical glass:

  • Polished surface cleanliness class P 0-20 (depends on the dimensions of the parts).
  • Flatness N 0.1 \ inch (depends on the ratio of the dimensions of the parts).
  • The technology of GSHP (deep grinding-polishing of the optical surface) has been developed.
  • Parallelism up to 1 sec. with setting to optical contact.
  • Separator polishing.
  • Dimensions of parts from 4mm to 500mm.

Optical crystals:

  • Polishing P4-5
  • N 0.2 \ inch
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