Department of physics of tokamak reactors (OFTR)

Directions of scientific research:

  • Development of neutron diagnostics of thermonuclear plasma
  • Development of fast neutron detectors
  • Development of systems for registration of fast neutron fluxes
  • Calibration of neutron detectors and registration systems
  • Physics of magnetron discharge
  • Development of magnetron sputtering systems
  • Simulation of physical processes in magnetron installations
  • Calculation and theoretical work
  • Testing of new methods of organizing a plasma column: boronization, lithiation, testing of new designs of heat receivers (in particular, limiters based on capillary porous systems)
  • Development and testing of new types of plasma diagnostics (including active spectroscopy and refractometry for the ITER international fusion reactor)
  • Study of the interaction of liquid lithium with hydrogen plasma at the periphery of the tokamak.
  • Study of the dynamics of current disruption in a tokamak
  • Research and development work in the fields of plasma physics, controlled thermonuclear fusion, nuclear instrumentation, nanotechnology
  • Educational and innovative activities
  • Study of magnetron discharges to create thin films and obtain adhesive-resistant coatings
  • Physics of wall plasma and interaction of plasma with the first wall
  • Development of the concept of compact thermonuclear installations
  • Simulation of physical processes in tokamaks
  • High-temperature and low-temperature plasma diagnostics
  • Electrophysical problems of plasma, power, thermonuclear installations and reactors
  • Methods for introducing fuel into thermonuclear installations
  • Bench tests of powerful electrical and electrophysical equipment and plasma diagnostics systems
  • Plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion (CTF)
  • Calculation and theoretical work

Experimental bench base:

  • Plasma neutron diagnostics stand
  • Neutron generator NG-24M
  • ING-07T neutron generator
  • ING-07D neutron generator
  • ING-31 neutron generator
  • Positioning system
  • Neutron activation analysis system
  • Laser deposition stand
  • Hard ultraviolet stand (2 UV sources)
  • Infrared laser
  • Stand for the study of the discharge of a coaxial magnetron
  • Tokamak T-11M
  • High Temperature Vacuum Furnace RD-G WEBB-117
  • Benchtop vacuum sputtering machine DESK V TSC
  • VACION-1S high-vacuum device for ionic crystal surface cleaning
  • Installation of microwelding with wire and tape HB04
  • Scanning nanohardness tester "NanoScan - Compact"
  • Spectrometer (200-1100 nm)
  • Chemical processing area

Diamond detector Size: 475 Kb


  • Department of Experimental Physics of Tokamaks
    • Laboratory of Physics of Plasma Processes
    • Laboratory for Problems of Tokamak Physics
    • Laboratory of diamond radiation-resistant nanoelectronics and innovations
  • Department of Experimental Physics Installations
  • Laboratory of Plasma Synthesis of Materials
  • Isotope Separation Laboratory


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